FAB bench

"Like floating on a color-changing and sparkling soap bubble”

FAB BENCH is designed by Anne Boysen for The Cabinetmakers´ Autumn Exhibition 2022 and is inspired by the exhibition venue's original function as a central laundry and by the lightness and changing play of colors of the soap bubble.

The visually floating bench is made of dichroic glass with optical properties that change color and expression depending on the light that hits the bench and the angle from which it is viewed. When you move around the bench, you experience that the bench changes character and expression along the way. With its aesthetic color and intensity, the bench is thus constantly changing and occupies any space with grace, where it naturally becomes an eye-catcher and an object of contemplation.

FAB Bench explores the refraction of light, reflections, and spatiality in a functional design that is constantly changing.