“MALLEABLE” - an Artist Profile

Misha Elizabeth embarks on her journey of self expression through jewellery creation.
She learns to disconnect from the inner voices of self doubt steered by ego, fully submerging herself in her craft, in the moment.

Transformation is essential for our growth as humans - Misha explores the notion of transformation she observes in her outer world, to later apply it to her inner self.
As in the story of the Ship of Theseus, is the ship in fact that same original ship after all its parts has been replaced over time? What makes us, us? How do we define our essence while going through the constant motions of change in life?
In the case of gold, it’s malleable - yet in its essence, the same, almost unaffected by the time and space around it, and in many ways contrasting the otherwise ever changing world around us.

Director: Satya Zoa
Director of Photography: Jonas Kisielius
Editor: Arturas Buividavicius
Colorist: Arturas Buividavicius
Sound design: Ida Skovsgaard
Graphics: Daniel Colunga